Health Care Professional Licensing

Medical professionals who are seeking to practice in the city of Dubai or anywhere in UAE are required to acquire a License to Practice from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), the Ministry of Health (MOH), or the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD).

The procedure of registration and the pertinent requirements vary depending on the specialisation. Doctors must identify whether they are interns, general practitioners, consultants, or specialists, among others, as part of the doctor license application. The nursing license application also varies depending on specialisation – paediatric, mental health, community, registered midwife or others.


  • Nationally accredited Educational Qualifications recognized by DHA Professional Qualifications Requirements (PQR), certificates with transcript of records. Education Certificates may include any of the followings: Diploma, Bachelor’s, Post Graduates Degree, etc.
  • Recent professional experience based on DHA PQR criteria. Click Here.
  • Log Book for the last 2 years (for surgical specialties). And it must have facility stamp and signature of Medical Director or authorized person.
  • Higher secondary school certificate – especially for Allied, Nurses and TCAM
  • Valid License/Registration from licensing body of country of recent employment.
  • Valid Good Standing Certificate not older than 6 months and Basic Life Support (BLS) certificate.
  • Mandatory for Physicians, Dentists and Nurses.
  • Allied Health and TCAM healthcare professionals: case by case, as it may be requested in certain cases.
  • Medical fitness test (if applicant age is 65 and above), and the test should be conducted only by medical fitness centre - DHA
  • Valid Passport Copy
  • Recent passport photo with white background.

Primary Assessments

Asa Consultants verification team of licensing experts will help you through the process of obtaining your license and let you know exactly what steps are involved. Before making full payment of the license package, we will assess your documents to determine you are eligible for the license as this is a crucial step. All the documents submitted will be verified according to the rules of the regulatory body. The following initial documents are required to be sent to us via email for the Primary Assessment. Once we have confirmed you are eligible and they meet the standards of the authorities, you can proceed with the application and payment for the license package; The cost for this process is US$500 which is deducted from the total cost.

  • Copy of CV
  • Bachelor's Degree certificate (not provisional)
  • Specialist Degree (Only for Specialist and Consultants)
  • Transcript of the Bachelor's Degree (for GP's only)
  • Valid Home Country professional council license
  • Experience Certificate for last 3 years (GP)
  • Experience Certificate for last 5 years (Specialists and Consultants)
  • Good Standing Certificate from the licensing authority, validity for at least 3 months.

Quick and transparent DHA Exam facilitation handled by professional experts in Dubai.

We have experienced document processing specialists who can help you apply for any of the following:

  • DHA license – this permit from the DHA gives you permission to practice in Dubai
  • HAAD license – the HAAD license permits you to provide professional healthcare in Abu Dhabi
  • MOH license – the MOH license permits you to work in the medical field in the 5 other emirates

Examinations Requirements

  1. For oral exam: after selecting exam date, payment must be done within 2 hours. Otherwise, the selection exam date will be cancelled
  2. For prometric exam (CBT): eligibility number will be valid for 3 month after PSV payment.

The venue will be discussed after the PSV process.

Final Requirements (after passing exam):

  • Offer letter from recruiting facility, and it must be issued recently (last 3 month), include the professional title, facility stamp and signature of Medical Director or authorized person
  • Medical fitness test (if applicant age was 65 and above), if the attached get expired during the process
  • Malpractice Insurance from recruiting facility
  • Passport Copy if the attached one is expired
  • If the facility name that applicant is applying for is not shown it means that the facility need to add applicant specialty and then the license can be issued


Our fees include:

  • Initial Application Fees
  • Government fees
  • Primary source verification
  • Data Flow Transfer Fees
  • Additional documents could be needed, depending on your application, to be verified by Data Flow, would cost an extra AED290 per document
  • Consultation Fees
  • Booking assistance for flight, accommodation, examination plus tourist packages if needed
  • Job Search Assistance tips

Total fee to be paid is US$ 1500 once off payment (If the candidate fails the primary assessment, US$1000 will be refunded)

Or in two installments of:

Primary assessment - $US500 (It takes at most 48 hours to determine whether the candidate qualifies).

Consolidated fee - $US1100 (Covers the whole process costs up to the examinations).

Total cost in instalments is US$1600

It is advised to take the once off payment which is cheaper.

Fees Details:
  1. Govt fee is covered for the application, including the exam fee (one time only)
  2. Fee is covered up to issue of eligibility letter by authority which is valid for one year. This is like an authorization letter, making the candidate eligible to apply for job
  3. There are three attempts of the test to pass the exam and above mentioned fee covers the fee one time only– first time .In case candidate fails to clear the exam again, needs to pay the reapplication fee separately.
  • Single package : US$1500
  • Double Package : US$2500
  • Triple package : US$3500

The fees depend on the package selected, there is:

DHA – one works only in Dubai,

HAAD – for Abu Dhabi and Al Ain

M.O.H for the other Emirates, Sharjah, Ajman, R.A.K.

Double has combined packages for any two councils for example DHA and HAAD as well as triple packages which cover the whole United Arab Emirates.


  • Initial application review: 2-4 weeks
  • Primary Source Verification (PSV): it will be proceed after 48 hr of payment.
  • Primary assessment of the documents for license application. This is a crucial step in getting your professional license for UAE. All the documents submitted will be verified according to the rules of the regulatory body. Following documents are required for the initial application:
  • Exam assessment:
    • Prometric Assessment (CBT): based on prometric exam schedule
    • Oral Assessment: based on DHA exam schedule
  • Upload labour card and Insurance: 5 working days after application submission
  • Issue license: 2 working days

Licencing services for General Practitioners / Dentist includes
  • Initial application
  • Dataflow payment
  • Exam booking and fee payment
  • Orientation training for exam and license
  • Study material for exam
  • CV enhancement
  • Job Search Consulting

License Transfer Application

Transferring your license is a process required for professionals who are already working on one of the Emirates, but now wish to work in the other emirates. You can obtain your new license converted to MOH, HAAD or DHA in a few easy steps.

For license transfer applications to HAAD (Health Authority Abu Dhabi), only Data Flow verification will be conducted. Credentialing and CID will not be done unless the candidate already has a facility/employer for it to be linked to, after which we or the employer can complete the process to avoid the application being disapproved. The Good Standing will need to have a 3-month validity prior to credentialing in all cases.

Note: We do not issue the license, we apply to the health authority. Once you have found employment the employer will issue the license under their facility

Asa Consultants provide a service for candidates who are ELIGIBLE to apply for the Professional License. We will assign you with a dedicated Licensing Administrator to process and oversee your application from paying your fees to document submissions. Based on your professional profile, we will determine the proper application process for you, including the required paperwork and fees.